Use your own domain on (en)

You have an own domain, which you no longer use?
Then provide this domain for all users on (en), or use it just by yourself - private and anonymous.

Provide your domain for all users:
You provide your domain publicly on (en), so all users can use them.
As a reward, you are allowed to publish a banner ad in the inboxes of your domain.

Use your domain only for you:
The blocking and blacklisting of domains, which provided by disposable e-mail address-services, is a known issue. But if you use your own domain only for you - private and anonymous, this problem can be solved, because this domain will never be published on (en).

You can register your domain on (en) with the following form:

Your domain:
E-mail address:
Important! We must be able to reach you at any time on this address.
Usage: For all users of (en) available
Private, only for me (Tip: You can also use services like
Password protection? Yes, allow password protection for all mailboxes
Expiration? Domain has been terminated. Expiration date: / /
Banner Ad:

Include here the source code of your HTML/JavaScript banner ad in the format 468x60.