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Discard.email starts as successor of Spambog.com

NOTICIAS | 18/08/2014 19:22:45

Discard.email starts as successor of Spambog.com

Discard.email is the new provider of disposable e-mail addresses and direct successor of the well-known provider Spambog.com.

All available Domains of Spambog.com be fully integrated in the next few weeks in Discard.email and there are still available.
The entire range of functions from Spambog.com found in Discard.email again, but Discard.email still offer more features.
Discard.email is also free, anonymous and requires no registration!
Discard.email has now a responsive design, which allows for use on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
The biggest new feature is the private & anonymous use of your own domain - which can be used on Discard.email, but will never be published.


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